About us




Robert P Freitas Enterprises, Inc. began as Construction Materials in 1971. His wife (Flo) of over 55 years was the woman behind the man. Bob a Graduate of Kaimuki High School and a Retired Master Sergeant from Hawaii’s National Guard is best known for his quick witted humor and hilarious jokes. Bob’s managed to maintain full ownership of his company till the golden age of ‘86 and left his final legacy on August 5, 2016. The Corporation belongs to his sons and daughter, Rocky, Troy, Steven, and Olympia. They will advance and maintain his values and venture. Modernization is probably the one system trend attributed to Rocky and Oly.(Olympia) The newer website is trendier, with fresh ideas and even better online navigation to help keep up with the fast shifting challenges of today’s business. And though we benefit from the instantaneous written specific of an e-mail, here we still enjoy the phone to phone personalized spirit of Aloha that has endured for centuries. “The one on one relationship is still the key to our success,” and we will remember the wisdom of our Kupuna...(Elders) We hope to keep the ‘Mama and Papa’ feel of old school tradition while making it simple to harness the technology of the internet for every generation to come.